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Drums and percussion:

Links for musicians ~

Harmony Central: Very useful site for all musicians
The Muse's Muse: A great resource for songwriters! Useful info & even a chatroom!
Digibid Useful online source for buying or selling equipment
Music Yellow Pages Online:
Discmakers: Release your own CD's and tapes
Music Copyrights & Organizations: Great info on copyright and performance royalty organizations
Musicians' Network: Great networking site if you're looking for other musicians, or want to post your band's info
Musicians Referral Service: A free service for musicians, like Musicians' Network
click here for GUITAR: tablature, buyers guide, useful stuff
click here for BASS: tablature, articles, useful info
click here for DRUMS: drummers - those people who hang around musicians
click here for KEYBOARD / SYNTHESIZER: useful info for electronic musicians
click here for EFFECTS: explanations of effects, uses, manufactures, etc
Hearnet: useful info for saving a precious resource - your ears!
DIY Tour Manual: contact names, venue info for touring bands
Guide to Music & Tablature notation: learn to read music
Answers to music business questions:
Yahoo's music theory links: science of music
Yahoo's music recording links: recording info
Music Space:
Gigmasters--Musicians Referral Service:
The International Lyrics Server : Find your favourite song lyrics!
Songwriter's site:
The Independent Musician:
Musician's Institute: Instruction for guitar, bass, vocals, and drums
MusicStaff - Teachers, etc.: Find a music teacher in your area
More MUSIC LINKS: Miscellaneous music links
Performing Songwriter magazine:
Songwriters Resource: Some helpful links here