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Guitars & Stuff ~ Equipment

Fender Guitar Co.: Everything that is Fender. . .
Gibson Guitar Co.: The sound that shook the world. . .
World of E-bow: Who needs a pick? w/ sound clips!
Musicians Friend: A universe of music equipment
Peavey Music Equipment: They make everything!
Digitech Effects Processors: Want some whammy? How about a little fuzz?
Paul Reed Smith guitars: Web site for these exquisite guitars
Equipment Manufacturers Link Page: Links to most big equipment makers
Allparts: everything from necks to pickups
Carvin: custom guitars, amps, PA, etc
GHS strings: strings attached. . .
Nady wireless systems: when you've just got to move around
Ibanez: lots of guitars
Dean Guitars: with the funny headstocks
EMG: talk about PICK-UP lines
Samson: another good wireless co.
The Internet Music Dealer Network:
Ibanez: Guitars & a Universe more-
Yamaha: All things Yamaha
Ampeg: amps & mo'

Links for musicians ~ Guitar links at bottom

Harmony Central: Very useful site for all musicians
The Muse's Muse: A great resource for songwriters! Useful info & even a chatroom!
Music 101: Multi-media INSTRUCTION site
Universe of Music: Huge site w/ useful links, record labels, online music magazines
Music Yellow Pages Online:
Discmakers: Release your own CD's and tapes
Music Copyrights & Organizations: Great info on copyright and performance royalty organizations
Musicians' Network: Great networking site if you're looking for other musicians, or want to post your band's info
Musicians Referral Service: A free service for musicians, like Musicians' Network
click here for GUITAR: tablature, buyers guide, useful stuff
click here for BASS: tablature, articles, useful info
click here for DRUMS: drummers - those people who hang around musicians
click here for KEYBOARD / SYNTHESIZER: useful info for electronic musicians
click here for EFFECTS: explanations of effects, uses, manufactures, etc
Hearnet: useful info for saving a precious resource - your ears!
DIY Tour Manual: contact names, venue info for touring bands
Guide to Music & Tablature notation: learn to read music
Secrets of the music industry:
Answers to music business questions:
Yahoo's music theory links: science of music
Yahoo's music recording links: recording info
Music Space:
Gigmasters--Musicians Referral Service:
The International Lyrics Server : Find your favourite song lyrics!
Songwriter's site:
The Independent Musician:
Musician's Institute: Instruction for guitar, bass, vocals, and drums
MusicStaff - Teachers, etc.: Find a music teacher in your area

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Info @ GUITAR LESSONS: I teach guitar!

GUITAR Tablature, Links

Guitar-net: Huge guitar resource - everything
Guitar Player Magazine - Online: Lessons, Interviews, Sound Clips, Tablature
Guitar World Magazine - Online: Lessons, Tablature, Links, Audio Clips, Interviews
GuitarMag - Online: Another online guitar magazine - useful resource
Tab Of the Day: Tablature site
Guitar Advisor: Free lessons, glossary of guitar terms, basic repair, buying a guitar, etc.
CHORDFINDER: Want to know how to make that chord.. ?
Acoustic Guitarist's Internet Guide: Lessons & useful info for acoustic players
Guitarnotes: Guitar-related links
The Online Guitar College:
Jazz Guitar Online: Very informative site w/ FREE LESSONS, audio clips, classifieds
Superman's Tablature Vault: Mostly alternative bands' guitar/bass tabs
World of Tab: good source of tablature
Complete Tab Archive: lots of tablature here
Guitar Music Archive:
Ultimate Guitar Resources (and MIDI) site: Very useful
Mode Buster:
1000 Great Guitar Sites: tons of useful guitar info
Guitar set-up: Learn to 'set-up' your own guitar
Musicians Net: Guitars: Links:
Tab 101: tablature site
Yahoo's guitar links directory:
Free guitar lessons at . . .free lessons. . .
Guitar chord resource:
Guitar Resource:
HC - Guitar Tablature: free tabs
OLGA Home Page: On-Line Guitar Archive
Guitar Lesson World:
The Essential Guitar Guide:
Guitar / Bass newsgroup: postings on all guitar/bass topics
Guitargods guitar links: Guitar-related links