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FOUNDATION! What Bass should be with just the right amount of flash. Jeremy provides the ever present bottom end of the band because as he puts it "I like to feel music. When I feel everything from my toes to my teeth rattle, in tune and in time, its spiritual." He's been playing for eleven years and when asked about his background in music, he's quick to reply "I've played heavy-metal from the beginning, but wouldn't have ever learned compassion in music if it wasn't for playing the blues, and would have never learned sometimes less is alot more if it wasn't for playing in some of the other bands I've played with. ranging from Oldies to Pop." He may be a little of a country boy being born and raised in a small community 50 miles north of New Orleans, but by no means is he unwise to the streets. God and the way He let's us live life is the reason Jeremy is who he is today, he says. "And without the love and support of those who really care I'd probably would have been gone along time ago!" Just another part to the well oiled machine and well rounded band that is "sub7."

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