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~Music Vortex~

3 Doors Down
Alice In Chains Tablature
Blink 182 Take off your coat
Edie Brickell Songs & Tablature
Ani DiFranco Tab
Dave Mathews Band Tab & music for ALL instruments
Sheryl Crow Some great songs to play
The CURE tablature
Eagles tablature from Hotel California to Tequila sunrise
Everclear tablature
Guns 'n Roses some tab to help you Slash
Heavy music archive Soundgarden, Metallica, Pantera, etc.
Led ZeppelinHeavenly riffs
George Lynch Mr. Scary
Metallica Every song!
Dave Navarro Links & Tab
Nirvana Songs from every album
Pearl Jam tablature from every album
Pretenders: Songs & tab
Punk guitar archive Lots of bands' tab
Ramones Guitar Tab Compilation
Red Hot Chili Peppers tablature from the funky monks
Rolling Stones lots of tab
Santana Official Carlos Santana website
Smashing PumpkinsTab & More
Sonic Youth Guitar & Bass Tab
Another Sublime site More Sublime tabs
Surf Guitar Good vibrations
Van Morrison Moondance
Violent Femmes archive

This section of links is for finding GUITAR TABLATURE for the songs you want to play, or just general guitar/music questions. If you know of a good music site, let me know and i'll add it. For specific band/artist tablature, click on the links to the left.

GUITAR Tablature

Harmony Central's Guitar Tablature Free tablature
OLGA Home Page On-Line Guitar Archive
Guitar Tab Universe
Fresh Tabs If you want to buy sheet music
Tab 101 tablature site
Superman's Tablature Vault Mostly alternative bands' guitar/bass tabs
World of Tab good source of tablature
Complete Tab Archive lots of tablature here
Guitar Music Archive
Guide to Music & Tablature notation learn to read music
Tab & Info
Alternative & Rock Tab, tab, tab. . .
Max's Guitar Tab Self explanatory

Online Lessons

Guitar Lesson World
Acoustic Guitarist's Internet Guide Lessons & useful info for acoustic players
The Online Guitar College
Guitar Advisor Free lessons, glossary of guitar terms, basic repair, buying a guitar, etc.
Free guitar lessons at . . .free lessons. . .
Classical Guitar Realm
Jazz Guitar Online Very informative site w/ FREE LESSONS, audio clips, classifieds
Free Lessons with Dave Uhrich Check it out
Guitar Instructor's Directory Find a teacher, or students!

General Links

Guitar-net Huge guitar resource - everything
GuitarSite 'nuff said
Guitar chord resource
Guitar Resource
Copyright InformationProtect your music!
Harmony Central's Guitar Links
Yahoo's guitar links directory
Mode Buster
1000 Great Guitar Sites tons of useful guitar info
Guitarre Spielen Tablature
Guitar set-up Learn to 'set-up' your own guitar
Musicians Net: Guitars: Links
Guitar Masters Chord info, etc. W/ pictures
Guitarnotes: Guitar-related links
Ultimate Guitar Resources (and MIDI) site Very useful
CHORDFINDER Want to know how to make that chord.. ?
The Essential Guitar Guide
Guitar / Bass newsgroup postings on all guitar/bass topics
Guitargods guitar links Guitar-related links
Guitar tips & tricks
Cyberfret College of guitar wisdom
Guitar Message Board Read and/or post your own

Online Guitar Magazines

Guitar Player Magazine - Online Lessons, Interviews, Sound Clips, Tablature
Guitar World Magazine - Online Lessons, Tablature, Links, Audio Clips, Interviews
GuitarMag - Online Another online guitar magazine - useful resource

Want More Guitar Links?