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This page contains links to Music Equipment and product manufacturers. If you're looking for new gear this is a good way to find out information and prices on different stuff.


Fender Guitar Co.: Everything that is Fender. . .
Gibson Guitar Co.: The sound that shook the world. . .
Paul Reed Smith guitars:Web site for these exquisite guitars
Ibanez:Guitars. amps, and a Universe more.
Fernandes Guitars Official Home Page
Yamaha All things Yamaha
Dean Guitars with the funny headstocks
Foster GuitarsCustom Beauties


Carvin custom guitars, amps, PA, etc
Peavey Music Equipment They make everything!
Ampeg amps & mo'
Guitar Amp ToneTechniques for Tube Amps


World of E-bow Who needs a pick? w/ sound clips!
Digitech Effects Processors Want some whammy? How about a little fuzz?
Allparts everything from necks to pickups
GHS strings strings attached. . .
Dean Markley strings electric & acoustic
Nady wireless systems when you've just got to move around
EMG: talk about PICK-UP lines
Antique Electronic Supply Online!
Samson: another good wireless co.
Spectraflex:the original braided cable

Recording gear

Audio Technica Microphones & more
Tascam portable recording
Alesis Studio ElectronicsHome Page

Equipment dealers - order or just get prices

Musicians Friend: A universe of music equipment
Equipment Manufacturers Link Page Links to most big equipment makers
The Internet Music Dealer Network

Musician's Friend Homepage

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